Problem Statement
  • Lack of Center-State Co-ordination.

  • No single digital platform for clearances and monitor Master plan in real time.

  • Cities need better planned Infrastructure, sanitation, transport, electricity supply, affordable housing, digitization & IT connectivity, sustainable environment and good governance.

  • Corruption can be reduced by providing a paperless solution

  • Our product e-governance IT solution provides a single regulatory body/platform which centralizes all the activities for a streamlined process. Allows the Municipality/Smart city to have control over various categories like civil works, Tax payer’s accountability, transport, Electricity, Water supply, garbage pickup and dumping, Disaster, Asset, Inventories Logistics, Time & Budget Management.

  • Project / Schedule of events Management [Automation of complete governance process like clearance from state and central government process]

  • Communication and Collaboration [Between multiple department and stake holders]

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